12th English Menti Test-1

12th English Menti Test-1, यहाँ से टेस्ट लगाये, Bihar Center

12th English Menti Test-1, यहाँ से टेस्ट लगाये, Bihar Center

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12th English Menti Test-1:


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1.Autumn is a season of ……..

(A) no leaves                   (B) fruitfulness

(C) no fire                        (D) no rain


2.To Autumn is written by ……

(A) John Keats                 (B) Walter de la Mare

(C) John Donne               (D) Keki N Daruwala


3.‘However, rare-rare it be’ – is from:

(A) Ode to Autumn          (B) Snake

(C) An Epitaph                (D) Song of Myself


4.’When I crumble, who will remember’ is from ..

(A) An Epitaph                (B) To Autumn

(C) Snake                        (D) Fire-Hymn


5.The Soldier is written by ……

(A) Rupert Brooke           (B) Kamala Das

(C) W. H. Auden             (D) John Donne



6.His brow is deeply lined with thoughts’, is from:

(A) Macavity: the Mystery Cat    (B) MY Grandmother’s House

(C) The Soldier                            (D) Snake

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7.Macavity The Mystery Cat is written by ……

(A) Rupert Brooke           (B) TS Eliot

(C) Kamala Das               (D) John Donne


8…… lears to save fire from the sin of forgetfulness.

(A) Keki N Daruwalla     (B) Kamala Das

(C), W. B Yeats               (D) John Keats


9.A Pinch of Snuff is written by ……

(A) Manohar Malgaonkar          (B) Germaine Greer

(C) Dorothy L Sayers                (D) HE Bates


10.Nobel Prize for Peace was given to MLK Jr. in ……

(A) 1964                          (B) 1965

(C) 1963                          (D) 1966

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