Value of Newspapers Essay |BIHAR CENTER |Essay Bihar Board

Value of Newspapers Essay |BIHAR CENTER |Essay Bihar Board


Value of Newspapers

Information received form different quarters is, fact, treated
as news. A newspaper is, thus, paper which contains the most
important of such news and carries them to the poeple in general. it may be called a summary of the important cu rrent events. The newspaper is very important in the life of a civilized nation. It is the medium through which public opinion is expressed. It circulates news and views in which different
classes of people are interested. Thus, the teachers, doctors, Jawyers, traders, sportsmen, even the children find in it some items of information that interest them. The newspaper is a powerful means for propagating political views and moulding the opinions of the people towards certain ends. In fact, great change in the administration of a country may be made through the agency of newspapers. It also makes people conscious of their rights and duties and teach them how to protect their rights. Probably the greatest
value of newspapers is that they develop and spread knowledge.
Through the newspaper we come to know about the views of great thinkers and social refomers.

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